Monday, January 30, 2012

French Exit/Signals Midwest 7" Split

Awesome new 7" out on On the Real Records!

French Exit (Los Angeles, CA) and Signals Midwest (Cleveland, OH) are 2 legit bands who play kick-ass pop/punk with their own melodic twist. These dudes always put on incredible shows and make people lose it. The split was released on January 17 this year on the DIY label, On the Real Records. Both groups premier 2 brand new songs on the release.

French Exit have the first 2 tracks titled, "Dominoes" and "Only Not". Both songs packing heat and full of angst towards that shitty girl/boy who keeps fucking with your head. These guys don't hold back. 3 other awesome releases you can stream on their bandcamp:

Signals Midwest closes it out with their 2 tracks, "Milkcrate" and "Stale Air". Amazing follow up on the 2011 release, "Latitudes and Longitudes". Guitar riffs that are sweet candy to the ears backed with lyrics that'll draw you in and put you in his (Maxwell--vocals,guitar) shoes. I caught these guys at VLHS last year and became an immediate fan. Check 'em out. You won't be disapointed:

Stream and buy the new 7" here on On the Real's bandcamp!

                                                                                                         -Jesse Boredom

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sun Energy Sound/Crowcat "Buds from the Flowers Bloom"

I was able to meet up with Mike McDowell a few days ago and listen to a brand new track he recorded for his solo project, Crowcat. I was fortunate enough to have him let me feature it on Bored To Death. I've been a fan of Mike and his long time friend Doug Sweeney's project, Sun Energy Sound, so hearing a new track from a project I wasn't familiar with was a treat.

The first time I ever saw Sun Energy Sound was in 2009 at Doug's parents place in Hawthorne. Back then Doug was playing guitar in the group and Mike was playing bass with a drummer backing them up. The next time I saw them was in 2010 with a new set up. They had a table with all kinds of effect pedals layed out and a few guitars that would send out the hauntingly dissonant tones. Mike was talking to me (over cheap tequila and bong rips) about how the group is an on-going project that will continue to evolve and go strange places, as far as their sound. He also mentioned previous shows they played at bars and other venues where the environment didn't vibe with the sound they brought. I had to ask; "why play bars and places where you know the crowd isn't going to dig your sound? Do you just take what you can?" Mike collectedly said to me-- "I'm not gonna go hang out somewhere I don't want to be just to get booked"--I clearly noted that these dudes do not give a fuck.

The track Mike sent me is called "Buds from the Flowers Bloom." 3 minutes and 58 seconds of euphoric vibrations being shot throughout your entire body, are as close as I can get to describing the unique noise Mike created. If you're familiar with any Sun Energy Sound recordings, you'll notice that this track doesn't fall far from the tree. Anomalous bliss with Mike reciting one of his poems tying the track up beautifully.

If you enjoy this track, make sure to check out all the Sun Energy Sound recordings on their bandcamp or catch them next time they play a show. Cheers.

                                                                                                     -Jesse Boredom

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

All Pizza Everything By Brandon Dorsey

You can’t even feel the bruised eye from the recent elbow to your face while rampaging through the pit. The agony of the brute tackle to your impending ribcage from the guy next to you is drowned out by enough bass to wake the dead, pizza rhymes, and cheap PBR drafts killing your perception.

      In front of a crowd of hipsters and hip-hop heads, Chicago artists Stadium Status, The Whoevers, Chandler London, and ShowYouSuck himself at his One Man Pizza Party 2: Mo Slices, Mo Problems album release party, Fri. Jan. 13 at Reggie’s Rock Club, located at 2109 S. State St.

      With a fully packed venue and excellent stage presence, this appeared to be one of ShowYouSuck’s strongest performances yet. Auggie the 9th, another Chicago rapper, hyped beside fellow L.O.D crewmate ShowYouSuck the whole set, later describing the show as “mosh pits, make outs, hickies, crowd surfing, and gnar girls punching.”

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Being his eccentric and true self, the completely straight-edge ShowYouSuck was rocking his pink Vans, weed-printed black high socks, shorts, and a Gwar shirt on one of the coldest Chicago nights this year. There is no doubt this guy knows how to put on a performance, constantly yelling “Show is so awesome” to the crowd, only to hear the ironically appropriate response of “Show You Suck!”

      Other highlights of the night included Auggie referring to the few stand-still zombie crowd members as “fuck boys”, the expected yet hilarious failed stage dives into cold concrete, and a thrashing pit of guys and girls at a hip-hop show; the things that make a concert worth going to of course. ShowYouSuck commented on the show after saying “That was the dopest night of my life! Fuck! I feel like I can make it! Fuck!”

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Show’s OMPP2 was released last Dec. 31, knocking down the months of anticipation from hungry and eager fans. The album starts out by feeding with an appetizer of childish piano melodies and cuisine lyricism of “Beef Stew”. It sets the pace for the rest of the cd, delivering hydrolic-bumpin’ beats and pizza-slaying rhymes. It’s a journey through the Chicago lifestyle of 26 year old ShowYouSuck, from pizza parties to tattoos from Code of Conduct to typical nights out to hipster girls; the real stuff.

      The rest of the album hits hard with tracks like “House of Yes”, based on a movie on Netflix that Show recommends everyone stream and watch, to the smooth, bounce up and down vibe of “All Based Everything”. It also features appearances from other artists such as Auggie the 9th, another fellow L.O.D. crewmate Grade Aplus, DJ and Producer Flosstradamus, indie band Netherfriends, and Floyd A. Davis Jr. of the Artpentry gallery.

      Overall, the album gives us everything that was expected and more, considering the amount of hype and promotion that went into it. Listening to it completely a number of times, you can feel the amount of effort and production that went into making it. Each track sounds as fine-tuned as the last, with an unique collection of beats different from Show’s previous album OMPP. With the beats only being half of it, ShowYouSuck spits lyrical excellence and keeps you entertained the whole album while you’re rocking around in your Cadillac of course, windows down, speakers on blast.

      For a free download of the One Man Pizza Party 2: Mo Slices, Mo Problems album, click on the link below.

Plenty more coming from Brandon Dorsey from Chicago! Enjoy!
(photos courtesy of Stefan Klapko)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Upcoming Shows & Art Galleries--January 2012 in LA/OC

January 2012

FYF & Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock Present:
Wednesday, January 18th Dillinger Escape Plan
California Bleeding
@ Center For the Arts, Eagle Rock
$10 / 7:00pm / All Ages

Wednesday, January 18th
TRC (Thee Rain Cats)
 Hindu Pirates
 The Shrills
 DJ HOMIE SEXUAL (Lucas from Dahga Bloom)
All Ages // 6$ // the Galaxy (Constellation Room)

EXHIBITION - The Art of Kung Fu: Myths and Legends
Friday, January 20th
ISM: A Community Project has selected sixteen artists to illustrate sixteen re-imagined myths and legends from Ryan Gattis, author of Kung Fu High School.
 In conjunction with the upcoming Chinese New Year, The Art of Kung Fu: Myths and Legends pairs sixteen newly reworke...d myths and legends by novelist Ryan Gattis with sixteen artists from diverse backgrounds to celebrate the coming Year of the Dragon.
Artists from the worlds of street art, fine art, illustration, comics, and animation include: Tony Philippou, Aaron Jasinski, Nate Wragg, Micah Gunnell, Tommii Lim, Dadu Shin, Corinne Reid, ESPI, Christopher Brand, Evan Skrederstu, Jennifer Tong, Victo Ngai, Alina Chau, NERD, Jenikah, and Andrew Huerta.
Gallery Meltdown, 7522 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA

Friday, January 20th
 THE VILLIANS( feat. Steve Baise of Devil Dogs)
@Alex's Bar (Long Beach)/21+/$10

Saturday, January 21st
Tijuana Panthers
The Lovely Bad Things
Death Hymn Number 9
The Ugly Kids
Business Cats
@The Glass House (Pomona)/All Ages/$10

Saturday, January 21st
Melted Cassettes
 Paper Slang
 Cigarette Bums
BIP, 650 N. Hoover St + Melrose/All Ages/$5
Sunday, January 22nd
 Holy Roller
 Forever Baby
DJ Nina Tarr
@Avalon Bar (Costa Mesa)/21+/FREE

Monday, January 23rd
Sean Carnage presents...
Psychic Handbook
 Dicso Bunny
 Princess Whatever (members of Ponytail)
@ Pehrspace/All Ages/ $5

Wednesday, January 25th
EarthAD Productions / SOS Booking Present...
Code Orange Kids
Low Places
 @Aladdin Jr (Pomona)/All Ages/$8

Thursday, January 26th
FYF & Vacation Vinyl Present:
Wolves in the Throne Room
Chelsea Wolfe
Hive Mind w/ Harassor
$12 adv // $14 day of
8:00pm // All Ages
(tickets also available at Oragami and Vacation)

Friday, January 22nd
Wolves In The Throne Room
Ten Thousand Leagues

@Che Cafe/All Ages/$12

Friday, January 22nd
the partys over productions presents...
 @VLHS/All Ages/$5

Friday, January 27th
Alex's Bar 12th Anniversary Celebration- Night 1 With
Reigning Sound
The Strange Boys
Thee Cormans
Death Hymn Number 9
@ Alex's Bar (Long Beach)/21+/$15

Saturday, January 28th
Alex's Bar 12th Anniversary Celebration- Night 2 with
Reigning Sound
The Strange Boys
The Black Tibetans
@ Alex's Bar (Long Beach)/21+/$15

Saturday, January 28th
Arrington de Dionyso
Old Time Relijun
Larkin Grimm
Emperor X
@ UCI Acrobatics Everyday/All Ages/$5

Sunday, January 29th
 No Right Answers
 You Me & Us
 Dan Faughnder (from sledding with tigers)

@Che Cafe/All Ages/$7

Make it out and support. Stay posted for monthly updates on local shows!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Joyce Manor Interview 1/6/2012

I was fortunate enough to get an interview with these dudes after a clustered house show in Long Beach. In this interview, you'll read about the new album dropping this year, upcoming shows, and other shenanigans they've been up to. Enjoy!

Last month you guys didn’t play many shows. You played with Dangers at Chain Reaction and there was also a Che Cafe show; but from what I know, you were periodically going up to San Francisco to record your new album. How was that?

Matt: Yeah, we went up in mid November to record.

Barry: the first time we attempted to record the record we had this whole approach where it was like, how about we don’t practice the songs too much so when we play them they’ll be fresh and exciting and we’d be really excited about the songs and it’ll come through on the takes. We basically tape recorded and it was the third time we ever played the songs. We thought that maybe we’d be like ‘Damn I love this song, it’s so cool!’ --and that would come through on the take. But it didn’t. It just sounded like we hadn’t practiced in a long time, we weren’t really that locked in, and not everyone was on the same page.

Kurt: Yeah, it was definitely very loose and none of us were on the same page.

Barry: So, we went home and practiced a lot and re worked the songs . The first time we went up we made a whole record and we were just like ‘I don’t really like this, this isn’t very good. This is not what I want to put out, this is not what I want our second record to sound like.’ So we came home and had like a month, and with that month we wrote the songs and practiced a bunch and just took a whole new approach . So when we went back up we had 3 days; and in 3 days we recorded the whole record. We were a lot more focused and prepared.

Chase: I think we only took a few drum and bass tracks?....

Barry: Yeah, we took a drum and bass track from 2 songs, but other than that we recorded the whole record.

So as if now you guys are satisfied with the recordings?

Barry: Very satisfied, I think it’s great.

As far the progress for the album goes, it’s already recorded, just needs to be mixed?

Barry: Yeah, we’re just waiting on mastering and pressing. It’ll be out in March.

So you guy are signed onto Asian Man Records and this is gonna be your first album being released by the label. How does that feel?

Matt: It’s really cool- when I was about 12/13, Asian Man Records was the most important thing to me in the world. And I can say that for the rest of the guys as well. We were all so fucking into Asian Man Records’ bands like The Chinkees and all the Mike Park stuff. All that old ska stuff. It’s really a childhood dream come true. When Mike asked us to do a record with him we were just like ‘what? you wanna do that shit with us?’ It’s especially flattering because he doesn’t really put out that many records anymore, so I feel that if Mike is willing to do a record with you nowadays, it means he really likes you so it’s fucking cool. It feels good.

Barry: Yeah it’s great, I’ve been a huge fan of Asian Man Records since I was a little kid. I grew up loving ska and stuff. The Lawrence Arm, Alkaline Trio, all those bands are just the coolest.

Chase: Yeah, It’s awesome.

Kurt: And Mike Park is, like, the nicest guy.

Barry: Yeah! And Mike Park is the best dude in the whole world. We actually just got an email from Bridge 9, asking us if we’d be interested in releasing an album with them. But at this point we’re staying with Asian Man.

You guys feel more comfortable with Asian Man Records.

Barry: Yeah. It’s way more fitting for us.

As far as upcoming shows, I saw you have a show lined up with The Max Levine Ensemble and another show with H2O and Rotting Out at the Echo?

Barry: Yeah! H2O I really like.

Are you guys stoked to be playing a show with Max Levine?

Barry: Oh, I love that band. Their new 7” is fucking great. Elephant in the Room is so fucking good. Last of the Assholes is one of the better songs I’ve heard all year. Definitely in my top 2...or 3. Really high on my list.

Right on. I saw that the Max Levine show is going to be at the VLHS Warehouse in Pomona.

Barry: Yup. We actually haven’t played there yet.

Matt: Yeah, it should be really fun. I’ve never actually been there yet. Donna and Tim(run VLHS) are so fucking cool. We played so many shows at the old warehouse, 12th & G. We played our first six months of shows there, so it should be great playing our first show at VLHS.

I’ve been there a few times and it’s fucking legit. Always good times. I’m stoked to see you guys there.

Chase: Yeah totally. We love all those people.

Barry: It’ll be cool to play to a crowd more our age and respectful, kind of, I guess. It’ll be fun.

I saw that FYF is putting on the H2O show. What’s your relationship with Sean Carnage like? How’s FYF been treating you guys?

Matt: We’ve been working with Sean quite a bit the last few months. He’s an awesome guy. He believes in us and he hits us up every now and then to play one of his shows. He put on a Japanther show we played a few months ago- and all the shows he puts on are crackin’. He’s one of those guys in LA that has his shit together and puts on good shows. So we’re always stoked to play “Sean” shows.

Barry: Sean has seen us a couple of times and done a couple shows that we’ve been a part of - Like the Lemuria show and uhhhh, what else? (looking over at Chase)

Chase: We played with The Men and Milk Music. Another FYF show.

Barry: Yeah, and with Touche Amore. The pre-FYF show. He just liked our band and wanted to work with us more. He told us we’re gonna be playing FYF Fest this year, which is going to be cool because my favorite band, Guided By Voices, played last year.

You guys didn’t play FYF last year, but you did play Awesome Fest in San Diego.

Barry: Yeah! Scared of Chaka was there. Another one of my favorite bands.

Chase: Barry, Matt, and I actually saw Guided By Voices on their first reunion tour on Barry’s birthday.That was incredible, so I didn’t feel too bad missing them at FYF.

Barry: Yeah, it was amazing. I didn’t wanna roll the dice and have it be a bad experience. I was happy playing Awesome Fest.

Glad to hear. So are there any tours coming this year that you guys are stoked on?

Barry: In March we’re doing a 2 week west coast -up to Seattle -and back, and in the summer (July) we’ll be doing a full US. No plans to go to Europe yet, but...

Kurt: Eventually.

Barry: Yeah, eventually. We’ve gotten a lot offers and the offers just get better.

Kurt: We’ve just gotta save up for that.

Barry: Gotta save up and get more established here in the US.

Matt: yeah, as far as international goes, I don’t know if we’re gonna have time to do anything this year. I’m just concentrating on our west coast dates and the record release shows.

Cool. So you guys are taking it one step at a time it seems like.

Barry: Yeah, definitely not a over night thing.

And as far as your fan base goes-- I mean, this whole house was packed with tons of people screaming their lungs out to your music. People love what you guys are doing.

Barry: Yeah, I mean, a lot of it’s Touche Amore. They kind of took us under their wings , had us play a show with them, and as soon as we did that we got offered a record deal on 6131 Records who put our their record. All the guys in that band are really cool guys and it’s real nice that they gave us that leg up.

That’s great to hear. Those guys are really nice. Great band. So, I heard that you guys have an upcoming show with Classics of Love? (Jesse Michaels’ of OP Ivy’s band)

Barry: We are, over in the bay area. We’re playing their record release show.

And where’s that going to be at?

Barry: Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco. I mean, we’re part of Asian Man Records now, they’re part of Asian Man Records-- We’re practically family and it’s great. It feels fucking great to be opening for Jesse Michaels.

Matt: I’m really excited. Just to be opening for any band Jesse Michaels is in is fucking fantastic.

Seriously! I’m a huge fan of Asian Man Records, myself, and OP Ivy was literally one of the first punk albums I owned as a kid. It’s inspiring seeing you be a part of that.

Barry: It’s fucking mind blowing! And Jesse Michaels is very, very handsome. I was talking to him and was just lost in his eyes..

Hahahaha good times. Well, thank you guys for doing this interview for Bored To Death. I’ll be at the Max Levine and H2O show. Stoked for the new record this year!

Keep checking their blog for future info!



Bygones is a 2 piece band consisting of ZACH HILL (hella, team sleep, crime in choir) and NICK REINHART (tera melos) both considered some of the most technical musicians in their respective instruments. If you are unfamiliar with ZACH HILL a in depth log of his projects and work will be available soon, He is an incredible drummer who seems to be working on everyone's side project, of which he has several CHLL PLL with ZACH NELSON from HEXLOVE as well as working with CHINO MORENO from TEAM SLEEP as well as drumming for the short lived wavves. Originally from HELLA the 2 peice math band that cemented the greatness of two piece math bands such as RUINS or LIGHTENING BOLT, and is without a doubt one of the most respected musicians in the genre. As well as NICK REINHART a musical genius in his very own right, his guitar work is intricate and beautiful and different. REINHART has mostly only played with TERA MELOS to my knowledge and this his side project with ZACH HILL. BYGONES is of course a collaborattion between two great musicians known for making great music but it is very much  a distinct project on its own, that does tap into HILL and REINHART's past but creates something really different and new in the present. This isnt HELLA meets TERA MELOS in the strictest sense, this is NICKS harder more hardcore guitar work and ZACHS drumming seems to be in contrast to laying as a supportive layer for the guitar instrumentation is its own instrument having a dialoque with NICKS guitar parts creating a poly-rhythmic layering of instrumentation. Of course the timings are ridiculous, and their are moments where it is incredible the way that all the elements manage to come together. This Album is in every bit a hard experimental noise rock album, but it also hits a bunch of different elements along the way, there is a sensibility that is almost pop, but not at all, that might make this the most appealing part of this album for me. In TERA MELOS before the release of PATAGONIAN RATS my one complaint was that I enjoyed very much when the band played the harder parts of the song but they never seemed to blend well with the pop elements, almost as if two songs lived on one track. The biggest difference I hear is that those elements are now one cohesive thing that translates as one song, and that is pure gold, such as the song FOOL EVOLVED. The beginning starts out with an incredible piercing melody that is dissonant and yet has a consonant element that makes is sort of space new planet pop music and then hill comes in with a rhythmic progression that seems to be out of time but fits into the contorted measure perfectly. This progresses into a breakdown that is heavy but still has the chord structure of the melody, unifying the idea into a beautiful cohesive piece. Another song on the album that really hits the heavies, is NU CRINGE, which is one of my favorite songs right now, it is heavy fast, and beautiful, that and the complex and beautiful structure that is the son NOT WHAT IT IS BUT WHAT ITS NOT, I hope you love this ALBUM as much as I did, make sure to buy it on vinyl as it comes in a brilliant yellow 12 inch with awesome packaging. Definitely the kind of album two sit and have a smoke to, or to blast in the car and get weird. PEACE and LOVE

Shane Boredom

Monday, January 9, 2012

Tomorrows Tulips, todays youth

I saw these guys play a free show at Burger Records yesterday. Before going I had no idea who they were. All I really knew was that they were ex-Japanese Motors members. I went, mainly, to check out one of the bands opening (The Abigails).

These guys blew my mind. A 40 minute set of catchy doo wop, garage, and drone bliss. The band consisted of 4 members. The 2 members who started the band, Alex Knost (guitar,vocals), Chrisina Kee (drums), and 2 other members who's names I can't remember. They performed together so beautifully. Each member bouncing tasty tones off each other and amping people up into catchy choruses and riffs. I was very fortunate to catch them at a free record store show.
They have a full length LP called 'Eternally Teenage' that dropped in July 2011 on Galaxia Records. It's available in different formats such as vinyl, cd, and digital download.

During the set, they played 2 brand new songs that haven't been recorded, yet. As soon as the set finished, I had to talk to them and find out what those songs were and when they were going to be released. From what I was told, there's going to be a new album dropping this year in either late spring/early summer. Also, word on the street is they're gonna be recording with Chet "JR" White (bass player of the transcendent pop band, Girls).

So, with that being said, keep a lookout. I'll be updating you all with more news, recordings, and shows reguarding this legit band. Until then, here's a video of the single off the 2011 release and  make sure to catch them if you hear of them playing near you. You won't be disappointed. Cheers.

                                                                                                              -Jesse Boredom